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  1. niha says:

    Good demo,. but not clear,.
    Would appreciate if someone out there can upload a demo,. with an E2E real time scenario,. from scratch,.
    Like business objects explorer,. what does it come in as,. is it a separate tool which comes out of the box or does it come in a bundle,.
    along with business objects xi 3.1/3.2
    I believe business objects bi/reporting is diff,. than bods which is an etl tool,. and we have this business objects explorer,. from which you can easily view the data quickly,. and what is data federator and how is it diff from bo explorer,.

    Appreciate if someone can throw some light,.
    i hate when someone simply drops a link,. and the link once again takes to the sap sdn or some nonsense,.
    When i say a doc,. it means a step by step doc, with screenshots,.
    or with some interactive video.


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