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This is an excerpt from the Mini SAP SD Live Project discussion. You can learn more on it below.

Here is a summary of the mini SAP SD Live Project ( Beginner Level ) that has been discussed in the SAP Training class. All SAP SD students will be given the live mini project ensuing a 5 hours discussion and evaluation of the same following the student’s feedback. Most of the scenarios closely resemble situations from various real time, live projects. As discussed, each sentence needs to be understood for implications in SAP and the corresponding deliverable document needs to be written in your own words. In reality, the business summary needs to be created by the consultant based on the vocal or other audio-video presentations made by the end-users, power users or business process owners.
Business Summary :

Sales Process Owner : We (ABC Computers Inc., ) are a reseller of computer products. Our organization is headquartered in Edison, NJ with plants in both San Francisco, CA and Austin Texas. We have sales offices in the 4 major geographies ( New York City, NY, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA ). Each sales office has 2 sales groups — one for each product line. The rest of the team will explain the rest of the business processes in detail….

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