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Remote Support Component for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise

What are people saying about remote support component?
“Our future plans would be to use this remote support component tool to… help provide an overall “health check” on… the SAP Business Objects environment. This…would hopefully help Allstate become proactive with identifying any potential bottlenecks or system shortcomings.”

Support Engineers
“The BusinessObjects platform has been crying out for a genuine monitoring tool….I strongly recommend this RCA tool to BOBJ system administrators during almost every customer onsite!”

“Remote support component will unveil a new age in supportability for SAP BusinessObjects…This will make a huge impact for both customer satisfaction and speed of resolution! I don’t know about you, but this makes me very excited! I eagerly look forward to utlizing this new tool to help our customers get past their problems and instead focus on running their business!”

“We won’t need to send the repetitive and annoying question of “What is your environment like?” for starters when cases are opened…this tool is literally going to change the way we work on cases…sections in there covering suggested settings is HUGE…sections covering patch level and support time frames is another giant eye opener.”
Remote support component is a system monitoring and analysis platform, specifically for SAP customers who only have an SAP BusinessObjects install-base (i.e. no SAP applications such as NetWeaver, SAP Business All-in-One and SAP Business ByDesign). It is a support component that allows customers to better manage, monitor and evaluate their SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise system. It is provided free of charge to customers with a Standard or Enterprise support contract.


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