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Google Maps and Business Analytics from SAP




SAP announced that it is building on its collaboration with Google to help customers manage large data volumes in intuitive, visual displays and facilitate faster, more-informed decisions. SAP plans to enhance its business analytics software with location-based data capabilities, allowing people to interact with real-time information via Google Maps™. The plans continue a strong history of collaboration between the companies, most recently on advances for the SAP® StreamWork™ application such as inclusion in the Google Apps Marketplace™, integration with Google Docs™ and OpenSocial adoption. The announcement was made at the AlwaysOn Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, being held in Santa Clara, California, July 27-28.

SAP and Google are working together to pair enterprise applications with the kinds of consumer tools that enrich millions of people’s lives every day, such as Google Maps and Google Earth™. With location-based intelligence capabilities, SAP envisions bringing corporate information to life via Google’s dynamic, interactive map, satellite and even street-level views. As a result, customers could analyze their businesses in a geospatial context to effectively understand the “where” of their information, as well as global, regional and local trends and how they are impacted by different scenarios — helping to increase efficiency and profitability, among other benefits. To see location-based intelligence in action, watch this short video: “Demo: SAP and Google Team for Location-Based Intelligence.”

SAP has been driving a convergence of enterprise and consumer software, giving an increasing number of people the ability to make important business decisions through the lens of mobile and social technologies while navigating the complexity of “big data,” or the growing volume, variety and increased velocity of information.

With comprehensive global coverage, Google Maps is the world’s most popular online mapping tool. For enterprise customers, Google Maps delivers a cost-effective and easily deployed mapping platform that makes it easy to visualize geographic data. Companies large and small can use Google’s infrastructure to quickly process vast amounts of geographic data and gain better insights into their businesses.

Following are examples of how organizations running SAP solutions with Google Maps API Premier could benefit from overlaying enterprise information onto intuitive mapping tools:

  • A telecom operator could use Google Earth and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer™ software to perform dropped-call analysis and pinpoint the geo-coordinates of faulty towers.
  • A state department of revenue could overlay household tax information on a map of the state and group it at the county level to track the highest and lowest tax bases.
  • A mortgage bank could perform risk assessment of its mortgage portfolio by overlaying foreclosure and default data with the location of loans on Google Maps.
  • With SAP StreamWork, a team of customer support representatives in a consumer packaged goods company could collaborate and pinpoint the location of consumer complaints within specific geographies and make a decision regarding how to address and prioritize resolution.
  • A theme park operator could use the Google Maps API Premier and get real-time traffic information on attractions with SAP® BusinessObjects™ solutions to send rerouting messages to customers in order to improve satisfaction rates.
  • U.S. census data could be overlaid on a Google map of the country, grouped by state and drilled down on at the county level.

The new enterprise offerings from this collaboration between SAP and Google are planned for availability in the upcoming releases of various SAP enterprise products, including SAP BusinessObjects solutions and mobile apps. For a closer look at how the on-premise, on-demand and on-device solutions can allow people to view specific details by location and even analyze data directly within the interactive maps, visit: “Screenshots: Location-Based Intelligence from SAP.”

“Today, more and more information is being geo-tagged, and it is unlocking an entirely new dimension for enterprise data,” said Sanjay Poonen, president, Global Solutions, SAP AG. “SAP’s work with Google marries powerful enterprise software with the world’s most popular mapping platform to create entirely new ways for people to understand and interact with business information. We aim to provide our customers the opportunity to tap into the power of business analytics combined with location intelligence through a geographic view and use rich, interactive analytics to respond to events as they unfold in real time.”

“We’re excited to work with SAP to help enterprise customers use Google’s cloud mapping tools with SAP software,” said Dave Girouard, president, Google Enterprise. “This integration will allow our customers to more easily visualize geographic data and make better business decisions.”


VIA [SAP Newsroom]

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