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Video transcript: Speaker: Penny Silvia, IBM

Clients that make use of in-memory analytics such as SAP HANA can benefit in a number of ways:
– They can analyze massive amounts of data almost immediately
– They can make decisions based on real-time information, AND
– They can keep costs down by leveraging systems with extreme memory and processing power that can easily scale.

But first, what is SAP HANA?

It’s the next generation of SAP’s in-memory computing technology. HANA is a multi-purpose appliance that combines SAP software components that are optimized on proven IBM hardware and it’s delivered by IBM Global Services.

You might be wondering how it works!

This graphic shows the basic architecture. On the left side, data from an SAP ERP system is replicated into an In-memory computing engine. This engine is SAP HANA. At the bottom you’ll see that data from other sources can also be Extracted, Transformed, and Loaded into HANA. This includes data from an IBM DB2 database, which can easily replicate data into HANA. This all takes place in near real-time. At the top we see that several front-end tools can be used to explore the results, including tools from SAP BusinessObjects, IBM, and Microsoft.

Analytics at this level require the best performing hardware. This is where IBM System x servers come in. eX5 technology decouples memory from processors. This allows you to scale CPU and memory independent of the other without the need to buy additional hardware. In fact, IBM and SAP recently announced the first official performance results of SAP HANA.

Results show that the software easily handles 10,000 queries per hour against 1.3 terabytes of data, returning results within seconds. This test was performed by an independent third party and proves that IBM eX5 servers are the industry leader for HANA!

So all this technology is great. But how can you apply it in your business? How can you use it to compete better and win in the market?

This is where IBM Global Business Services can help! Our consultants understand SAP business processes and the technology underlying them. We offer rapid deployment solutions for HANA including:
• Discovery and assessment services to maximize business impact
• Architecture assessment and benchmark services
• Proof of concept services AND
• Express deployment offerings, including industry best practices

With IBM and SAP you can get a handle on your data and start using it to win in the marketplace.

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