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Below are the top 10 most viewed SAP Notes/KBAs for SAP HANA.


Note Number Note Title
1864196 HANA Database update with SUM or hdbupd
1760921 Service sapstartsrv is in status yellow on HANA Studio
1826767 ‘Could not check credentials…Connection refused’ when upgrading HANA using


1840870 Error ‘Could not check credentials for user’ when upgrading HANA using SUM in a

distributed environment

1828028 Creating a new configuration in transaction LTR fails with ‘Error ocurred on

when opening db connection’

1761917 Executing or activating an Analytic Object fails with “user is not authorized”

or “invalidated view”

1767687 HANA issues with Kerberos SSO, error while parsing protocol.
1771834 Poor performance in transaction LTR
1735586 Unable to grant privileges for _SYS_REPO.-objects via SAP HANA Studio

authorization management

1800901 SLT: 500 Connection timed out after logging into WebDynpro via transaction



Please note, in order to view the contents of the SAP Notes, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.

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