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SAP  PRESS August New Books

SAP PRESS proudly announces 3 NEWLY PUBLISHED BOOKS. All of these titles have been released in August 2010 and are shipping now. You can view complete details and order your copies today when you visit www.sap-press.com.

Data  Modeling in SAP NetWeaver® BW 7.1

Data Modeling in SAP NetWeaver® BW 7.1
delivers practical coverage of all the concepts and technologies associated with a fundamentally strong data model, ensuring that a model not only satisfies a company’s existing reporting and analysis needs today, but is also built to grow and adapt to a company’s changing needs. You will learn about the fundamentals of data modeling, including architecture, front-end tools, and the data warehousing workbench, and understand why and how to develop a flexible data model.

Sales and  Distribution in SAP® ERP — Practical Guide

Sales and Distribution in SAP® ERP — Practical Guide focuses on the practical, day-to-day requirements of working with sales and distribution (SD) functionality in SAP ERP. You’ll learn how to perform transactions with fewer steps and less effort, and discover how to troubleshoot minor problems and system issues. In addition to the core areas of sales and distribution, such as sales, pricing, delivery, transportation, and billing, you’ll also find coverage of more advanced topics, like special sales processes (cross-company and third-party) and reporting.

Production Planning with SAP APO — 2nd Edition

Production Planning with SAP APO — 2nd Edition
provides you with a comprehensive and practical guide to implementing, customizing, and using production planning in SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (SAP APO). This revised, updated and extended new edition teaches you how to set up the data exchange between SAP ERP and SAP APO to ensure that you’re making the most out of the versatile functions and options of APO-PP/DS. In addition to covering the standard processes, you’ll learn about various advanced processes, such as multi-resource planning and the MRP-based detailed scheduling.

Visit www.sap-press.com to view the complete tables of contents for each of the new releases above. Plus, check out the entire selection of 250+ SAP-related titles and get the latest updates on upcoming books and technical guides when you visit our website today.

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