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Creating Dashboards with Xcelsius – Practical Guide

explains how to build your own Xcelsius® dashboards. Learn how to use all the features and functionality in Xcelsius, while highlighting typical scenarios where each feature can be used to solve business problems. You’ll also learn how to customize the Xcelsius components, themes, and data connections so you can use Xcelsius to the fullest extent.

In this book, you will explore the available UI components, including charts, menus, and selectors, and learn what component to use for certain scenarios. Additionally, you’ll learn the typical steps to design a powerful dashboard that will empower your users and enable them to make smarter business decisions.

Highlights include:

  • Menu
  • Toolbar
  • Components
  • Canvas
  • Object Browser
  • Properties
  • UI Components
  • Blind Data
  • Preview & Export
  • Trend Analysis
  • Built-in Excel Spreadsheet
  • XML Data
  • External Interface Connection
  • Drill Down
  • Dynamic Visibility

In addition, you’ll put what you learned into action, and create a sample dashboard that contains charts, selectors, single value components, texts, arts, backgrounds, and data connection.

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