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Understand why automation is the only way to achieve best practice SAP change control.

Featuring Derek Prior, Gartner, Inc.

Managing change across dynamic and ever complex SAP environments is becoming increasingly challenging for SAP Operations Teams. If you are a member of an SAP IT Operations or SAP Change Team or have a vested interest in best practice SAP change control, then you are invited to join Revelation Software Concepts and featured research firm Gartner in this not to be missed webinar.

In this webinar, the key issues surrounding the control of operational changes across complex SAP environments will be discussed and the benefits of understanding and implementing best practice change control methods and processes explained.

Key learning points:

Why SAP change control is becoming increasingly challenging and what the surrounding key issues to consider are;
How the understanding and implementation of best practice change control is indeed a money saver and risk reducer and very possibly a ‘bacon’ saver; and
What the use of third-party SAP change control solutions to automate change control can bring to the table and why automation is really the only way to go in today’s complex SAP environments.


Derek Prior, Research Director
Gartner, Inc.
Rick Porter, VP Business Development
Revelation Software Concepts
Date and Time:

September 28, 2010
11:00am PT, 2:00pm ET
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