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100 Things You Should Know about Reporting with SAP Crystal Reports

100 Things You Should Know about Reporting with SAP Crystal Reports

Have you ever spent hours on a report only to discover that you could have saved time with a simple tip? This book equips you with “100 Things” that unlock the secrets of reporting with SAP® Crystal Reports®.


This book helps users of all levels:

  • Save time: With the shortcuts and workarounds provided, you will learn how to complete your daily SAP Crystal Reports tasks faster and more elegantly.
  • Learn quickly: Full of screenshots and instructions, this book will help you pick up new tips and tricks in no time, such as effective formatting options or performance boosters.
  • Develop new skills: You’ll discover new ways of doing your work and find yourself saying, “I wish I’d known how to do this a long time ago!”

Tip #75: You can find and delete stubborn parameters in a report!
When creating reports that have parameters, it’s easy to lose track of everywhere that they are used. As such, when it comes time to delete a specific parameter, you may struggle to find all the places it’s referenced. With this tip, you’ll learn how to effectively locate and delete these stubborn parameters.

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