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IBM Cognos® TM1 is enterprise planning software that provides a complete, dynamic environment for developing timely, reliable and personalized forecasts and budgets.

Rapidly analyze data and model business requirements for your entire organization and use the results to budget and forecast with confidence for better business outcomes. More than budgeting and forecasting software, Cognos TM1 is a complete enterprise planning solution.

  • A multidimensional, 64-bit, in-memory OLAP engine provides exceptionally fast performance for analyzing complex and sophisticated models, large data sets and even streamed data.
  • Cognos TM1 supports a full range of enterprise planning software requirements—from high-performance, real-time profitability analysis, financial analytics and flexible modeling to enterprise-wide contribution from all business units.
  • Personal scenarios created with advanced personalization enable an unlimited number of ad-hoc alternatives so individuals, teams, divisions and whole companies can respond faster to changing conditions.
  • Analytic processing automates contribution from systems and staff to help eliminate delays in rolling out plans—a 75% reduction in planning cycles is possible.
  • Cognos TM1 facilitates the use of best practices such as driver-based planning and rolling forecasting.
  • Model design and data access adapt to your business process and present business information in familiar formats.
  • Managed contribution makes it possible to personalize hierarchies, dimensions and rollups and to receive an up-to-the-minute status of every participant in the planning process.
  • With access to the IBM Cognos Performance Management platform, you realize consistent scorecarding, reporting and analysis—the complete picture from goal setting and planning, to measuring progress and reporting.
  • Finance and lines of business have total control over planning, budgeting and forecasting processes.
  • You can work with a choice of interfaces: Microsoft® Excel®, Cognos TM1 Web or Cognos TM1 Contributor.

Features and benefits

View the TM1 DemoFor the best business outcomes, your company needs to plan, forecast and budget effectively. You must also get the right information to the right people in the form they need it—and be able to make changes quickly. IBM Cognos® TM1, a component of the IBM Cognos 8 platform, provides a complete planning, budgeting and forecasting environment that supports full range of business requirements.

With high-performance, real-time customer and profitability analysis, financial analytics and flexible modeling to enterprise contribution for a broad range of users—from manufacturing, sales and service to finance, human resources and marketing—Cognos TM1 helps you develop timely, reliable forecasts, budgets and plans, reducing planning cycles by 75%.

Cognos TM1 can ramp up your planning, budgeting and analysis with:

  • Exceptionally fast performance for large, sophisticated models and large data sets
  • A flexible modeling environment that requires no programming or traditional IT skills
  • The scalability and flexibility to start with a single planning application and then expand it for use in your entire enterprise
  • A choice of interfaces: Microsoft® Excel®, TM1 Web and a built-in client for managed participation
  • Role-based security that supports multiple users and user and ensures that users see only those portions of the plan that they need to

In addition, Cognos TM1 blends the workflow activities of planning with advanced personalized analysis, adapted to each contributor’s particular plans. While you’re planning, you’re not just viewing plans, but you’re dynamically building your own alternatives, sharing them with your team and using the best scenarios to make informed decisions.


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