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Oracle Exadata and the Oracle Database Machine move information faster to make business better.

Faster access to data can certainly help answer questions from business users, but can it fundamentally change the way a business operates? Jonathan Levine thinks so.

Levine is chief operating officer of LinkShare, an online affiliate marketing network based in New York, New York. LinkShare brokers advertising space on internet publisher Websites on a cost-per-action basis, meaning that those publishers get paid when internet users go beyond simply clicking on an ad and actually take an action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a credit card. Publishers in the LinkShare network drive more than 1 million online marketing transactions each day, and its customers include a worldwide Who’s Who of Fortune 500 and other important retail and financial companies. This year, LinkShare migrated 13 years of historical data from a collection of existing systems into a Sun Oracle Database Machine with Oracle Exadata technology and is already benefiting from the results.

Core to LinkShare’s business model is helping its customers and partners design and execute effective online marketing strategies. One way it does this is by enabling them to query and analyze deep historical data on previous marketing campaigns—everything from the creative content to the Websites where the ads ran to the effectiveness of the offers and the products sold.

“The faster you can get data to people and the more freedom you give them in analyzing it, the more interesting the results will be,” says Levine. “Every time we’ve made it easier and faster for people inside or outside of the company to obtain data, they’ve done things that we haven’t expected. I can’t tell you exactly how that will play out once they can get information back 10 times faster, thanks to our deployment of Oracle Exadata, but I know that they’ll be able to make better decisions faster—and that will help them grow.”

Oracle Exadata provides a complete hardware and software solution for high-performance data warehousing, online transaction processing (OLTP), and mixed workloads. It includes a massively parallel architecture and uses a wide InfiniBand network to increase data bandwidth between the database server and storage to deliver extreme performance for all data management applications.

For LinkShare, Oracle Exadata’s extreme performance is paying off.

“With Oracle Exadata we’re finding that data loads much faster and our queries come back much faster than they do from the previous data warehouse,” says Levine. “Our customers will be able to do analytics more effectively because they can do them faster.”

In fact, industry analysts are seeing the same thing—that new technologies like Oracle Exadata can create fundamental changes in the ways that organizations analyze and react to data.

“With Oracle Exadata, organizations can really work with information to enable superior business decision-making by allowing analysts to consider more possibilities and do deeper analysis in the same—or even less—time,” says Merv Adrian, principal at consulting firm IT Market Strategy.

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